BarDaStar (@iambardasta) - Big Dreamz

BarDaStar has a new motivational and triumphant banger titled "Big Dreamz" for everybody out there with major aspirations. This Brooklyn artist clearly has large vision for himself and that is backed by his ability on this new single. With a catchy hook, well-written rhymes, tight cadences and a banger of an instrumental, there is no reason why "Big Dreamz" shouldn't take off in 2018. BarDaStar comes out of Brooklyn, an area most known for its boom-bap sound/golden-era essence and BarDaStar definitely carries that with him but he has modernized approach that is still adaptable to todays climate. "Big Dremz" has a little something for everyone on there and it is safe to assume that there will be more quality coming for BarDaStar in the near future, stay locked.