Mic North gives it all on new inspirational hiphop song "One Life"

Winnipeg, MB, Canada-native Mic North grabs the stellar beat in his new single and runs with it, lacing the catchy creation with astounding reflections on the struggles of life and motivation. The track is refreshing as you’ll notice North is very candid even as he flexes his storytelling abilities. Produced by Rup Monsta, this joint is atmospheric, victorious and downright inspirational. Coupled by the snare and incredible beat, the track is bound to catch traction. I particularly endorse the immersive and fantastical bravado brought out by North. 

This single has some of the makings of a great track and it’s definitely Timb boot and Starter jacket state of mind music! The artist also demonstrates the ability to capture the imagination with just a few syllable as he makes catchphrases that he repeats after spitting. This single is straight frame if you’re trying to get your grind-on, you definitely want to check this out!

“One Life”