DonIkonXOP newage Afro Pop dancehall song "Sexy Nana"

Time to get on the dance floor!!! DonIkonXOP delivers 1 of the hottest African Pop heaters of the year! His new song "Sexy Nana" is an international club anthem! The Lagos, Nigeria artist, DonIkonXOP, crafts an energetic hit for the ladies to groove to. 

The Viral Video visuals captures the essence of the city! Follow him as he vibes about his girl, "Sexy Nana", from the truck to the lambo.  The video also shows some very memorable street dance performances. In short, "Sexy Nana" is an incredible song for all walks of life. The beat is fun and uptempo, the hook is inviting and catchy, and DonIkonXOP's new-age dancehall harmonies, give you something to look forward to with his new EP "Hakkadon Explosion". 


"Sexy Nana" on Youtube