Cold Hard of Crucial Conflict gives a wakeup call to Chicago

Chicago's hiphop legends have never gotten the respect that they properly deserve. Cold Hard of Crucial Conflict points this out in a sharp commentary directed inwardly at the Chicago hiphop community. He starts by saying the truth about Chicago's hiphop history needs to be displayed before publications like Rolling Stone makes any awards or lists regarding our city. The mayor of Chicago hiphop, Cold Hard, is heated!!! He goes on to, rightfully so, chastise our hiphop scene for overlooking our own. He names a list of Chicago artist who should have a huge all-Chi music event. He even turns up on Chicago Bulls and Bears, cant win! Some may think he is whining, but those who know will understand this video of 100 factz! He screams for unity. The whole video was so dope we had to re-post it with the message. Support your own!!! #ChicagoHiphop