New Mixtape by Kilo TheArtist "Illuminated 2"

Nowadays everybody raps. Not everybody is good though. It has come to the point that our culture is filled with mumble rap, overly auto-tuned clowns with no sense of talent or art. Then you hear refreshing students of the craft like Kilo TheArtist, who channels the heart of the greatest rapper ever, 2Pac. Kilo is a rising hiphop artist who recently dropped a monster mixtape titled "Illuminated 2". Within just the 1st few tracks you will learn so much about him. Hear about his struggle on joints like "Soulful Intro". His hustler's ambition on "Anyways". A dynamic conscious banger on "Memories". A highly personal tribute to losted loved ones on "Say GoodBye". The list of dope concepts, stories, and certified bangerz goes on! All of these ingredients and more make new mixtape "Illuminated 2" a must listen! It is very apparent that Kilo TheArtist has added so much substance to this 15-track collection by giving us the real him. We highly recommend you check his latest video "Soulful Intro" and follow his growing movement below.

Julian Lamont Lowe, the rap artist now known to many as Kilo TheArtist or K.T.A. was born in the small town of Buckner, Arkansas. His venture into the business of becoming a rapper began approximately five or six years ago. Admittedly, his career has been a struggle to balance his life as an artist with his duties as a member of the U.S. Army. Kilo clarifies that he values the experiences and friends he has gained in the military. Although things can get hectic from time to time for this high-energy performer, he is dedicated to achieving his dreams.

Life hasn’t always been easy for this talented musician. The man you see before you today is the result of the struggles he faced during his life. In his own words, he is “the underdog, a person who is not supposed to be successful due to the disadvantages of life that many have and still face, but seldom overcome.” Still, his trials and tribulations have only made him stronger and more determined.

He considers himself a voice for those like himself, providing strength and encouragement through his lyrics and increasing success. He is a shining example of why no one should stop, but keep forging ahead, despite all setbacks. It is his hope that others can look to his ability to embrace what life had dealt him and be inspired to keep moving forward with their dreams.

His biggest influence in music has been Tupac Shakur, rapper and activist. Shakur’s ability to use his music to deliver a positive message of hope is a powerful one that Kilo fully embraces in his own efforts to succeed and get his message across.

Kilo’s music is unique in that it can be described in terms of sounding “like poverty, the struggle, power, happiness, sadness and hope, all in one.” He uses his storytelling abilities to deliver a message that emanates from within. His experiences as an activist and having grown up in the lower-class system in America play heavily into his music and his vision for the future.

Currently, Kilo is busy honing his music while doing shows across Europe. He has put out two mixtapes in less than a year - Illuminated and Illuminated 2 have already received outstanding results. He and his team continue to push hard to get his music into the hands of DJs, radio stations and many other platforms to increase the recognition he feels it deserves.

His hard work seems to be paying off in the form of public relations from a variety of sources that include All Unsigned FM, Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes, NLD Solutions, Underground Hip-Hop Hip Hop Weekly and

As for what the future holds, Kilo hopes to just continue being the best he can be and influence positive change on the world around him through his music. Right now, he is currently working on more music, testing different sounds and just pushing the envelope to gain more notoriety on the music scene. His music is very much all about his fans, who inspire him to only work harder to provide music that will resonate with a strong message packaged into a vibrant sound with each listener.

There is no doubt that Kilo TheArtist is a rising star you’ll want to keep up with as his career soars to the top. You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter. Additionally, catch him on Reverb Nation, Sound Cloud and YouTube.

Twitter: @KiloTheArtist