Live Performance by Chicago Artist Kal Gully at Club Red This Saturday

Chicago Bangerz would like to re-introduce 'The Windy City' to an artist it helped breed, Kal Gully. The emcee successfully migrated to Texas where he made a name for himself and across the country. With Texas under his belt he is now planning to take his hometown, Chicago, by storm in 2017. 

Previous years were filled with non stop grinding and keeping momentum going throughout his career. His previous releases "Custos" and "Re-Up Remixed" are proof that Kal Gully is not planning to stop anytime soon. Not to mention the decade accumulation of mixtapes and EP's he's promoted via Guerrilla Marketing. The years of hard work are beginning to pay off and we want Chicago to re-embrace their brainchild. 

The release of his single "Fxckin Up" is radio ready and just in time to convince the ladies everywhere that Kal Gully maybe "the one that got away" but he's back. 

"You know that feeling you get when your favorite Hip-Hop and R&B song is about to play at just the right time? That's the exact vibe that will come to you while listening to, Chicago's own, Kal Gully's new single 'Fxckin Up' featuring Classik Mussik. Listen as the hip-hop emcee exposes his vulnerable side after a 'situation-ship' turned into a true, romantic bliss. Situation-ships aren't made to last, but this one that Kal is experimenting with turns out to be certified Bae-goals. When the sex is out of this world, and to top it off, your folks approve, it's hard to deny the possibility of true love. Take sometime out to help Kal decide if this is the real thing, or is he just fxcking up?" 

- Review of Kal Gully – "Fxckin Up" (2017)