SONG REVIEW: GQ Marley - Quaaludes

Sex, Drugs & Hiphop

We've all had that night. Some more than others lol. GQ Marley effortlessly does it again with his new banger "Quaaludes". 

"Quaaludes" are the prescription drug, described in 2013 movie "The Wolf of Wall Street" as the happy drug. GQ Marley allows you to be a part of the party as he talks about an epic night where he was definitely winning! Marley definitely flexes his skills with rapping and harmonizing over a ridiculously dope beat. Also, the changeup at the end is extra crazy!

"Quaaludes" is the ultimate song of Summer 2016!!! Read more about GQ Marley and follow his movement below.

More about GQ Marley:

GQ Marley is a driven, self-made artist who hails from San Antonio, Texas. His style of hip hop is dynamic and sonically compelling, but first and foremost, he is a lyricist. The artist is known for his thought-provoking metaphors, vivid storytelling, clever wordplay, and unique delivery. As such, a GQ Marley recording is an experience unlike any other. He’s a wordsmith for a modern generation, a voice from his hometown that’s destined to be heard above the noise of the industry. 
All of GQ Marley’s work is created in-house with the producers he collaborates with, Platinum PAT and Doc Strange. The creative trio have been on a hiatus for several years, parting ways to work on different audio and visual projects. Now, though, they’re back, and they’ve come together to craft GQ Marley’s debut EP which is due out this fall.

GQ Marley is a “carefree hipster” who enjoys life and making music. This dedication to his craft results in exceptional new tunes, and fans can expect great things from all of these upcoming releases. ‘Quaaludes,’ of course, is a deeper insight into the future as well. The new single is the first of many steps along a long, hard path through the music industry.

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