MIXTAPE REVIEW: Franky Treau - Nostalgic: 90's Tape A

Franky Treau drops a concept album that will have you falling in love with the 90's era music and its culture all over again!!! "Nostalgic: 90's Tape A" is amazing to say the least. It is full of memorable movie skits and Franky spits magic over some of the top hiphop classics from the 90's! The total project flows together so perfect as Frank Treau stays in character the whole way through. My fav would be "Mo Better Blues", "Intro", "Jump" and "I Wanna Be Down". Download the full project today and follow Franky Treau's movement by clicking the pic below.

Franky Treau is back with a masterpiece that will send nostalgic chills down your spine! This carefully orchestrated project will have you reminiscent on the things you were doing in the 90's. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this ride down memory lane as you take a listen to NOSTALGIC: 90'S TAPE A! 
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Twitter: @FrankyTreau