Cypha Den Music - "Gutter Noise" | @TaiyamoDenku @majestic_l @amrambunxious @dcypha

The fellas of Cypha Den Music are back with a hard hitting loose single that proves beyond any doubt that the underground is alive and well. The song is called "Gutter Noise" and serves as a celebratory release as it features newly signed emcees, L. Majestic and Rambunxious. Together on one label, the squad has now expanded it's movement from Wisconsin to New York and overseas to Australia. Alongside frontman Taiyamo Denku, the trio fully illustrate their lyrical prowess over the abusive instrumental constructed by D-Cypha. The self described "Collab King" also handles the chorus duties and utilizes some tough backing vocals to land a knockout hook on feeble rappers. Press play and proceed with caution as dangerous bars of fury proceed on "Gutter Noise".