SONG REVIEW: D.O.E. Boy Philly - Early 80's

You got to rob to get rich in the Reagan era! D.O.E. Boy Philly takes us back to the Rich Porter era on his new banger called "Early 80's". "Early 80's" is an ode to the 80’s babies who eats and sleeps that real hiphop. The song also shows us D.O.E. Boy Philly's ambitions as a hustler, whether rap or trap. With top-notch boom-bap production and cleverly delivered lyrics, "Early 80's" is a glimpse into the golden era. Grab the song on itunes and check the behind the scenes video below!

There’s a lot of doeboys out there, but there’s only one D.O.E.BOY PHILLY. As it stands today, there are very few people in the industry who are not fond of this SW Philadelphia native. He’s a walking combination of Biggie, Scarface and J-Dilla.