"Girl, don't catch no feelings"

Atikin releases 1 of the dopest songs of the summer! "5 AM" is a banger that takes you on an all-night, sex, & drugs bender!!! We've all done it. That 1 great night that turned into the morning. "5 AM" is a amazing mixture of styles and showcases Atikin's ill skillset of harmonies and writing. Hit the pic below to follow Atikin's movement! 
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Mixing classic urban elements with current contemporary quality Atikin is a fresh face in a sea of monotony.

Hailing from Klaipeda Lithuania the rising star blends the lyric quality of rappers like Kendrick Lamar and Drake with a catchy southern bounce similar to artists like TI and Future.

The 21 year old rapper is a hybrid of gritty talent and polished marketability. His sense of style is a reflection of his music, unique and cutting edge. Paired with next level visuals its no wonder he's made a name for himself internationally.
The drive to make great music brought him from his home country to the UK and now Hollywood where he is currently working on his first official release "Borders".

The project release day is set for a May 2016 release date preceded and followed by 5 new music videos.