VIDEO REVIEW: Audio Apes - "Someone To Love"

Audio Apes Drop "Someone To Love" Visual 

Chicago-based hip hop trio Audio Apes are coming with their strongest release yet as they drop their new visual for "Someone To Love". Coming off of their video for "Big Faces," the Apes knew that they needed to take it a step up.

In a place often referred to as Drillinois and Chiraq from the majority of rappers that hail from this glorified world without rules, the Audio Apes find themselves in the middle of it all. K. Cartoon and Rx Phonics face this world head on in "Someone to Love”, a grim track off of the Audio Apes upcoming "Concrete Jungle" EP. It's the approach to this subject matter that not only sets these Chicago emcees apart from the rest, but also for the first time gives a well-rounded, informative look into the dire situation within their beloved city.

With an eye for filming and an ability to deal with the hardest truths in an artistic and skillful manner, this song and video take the listener on the dark and not-so-fun journey of what it means to be a drug addict and a drug dealer. The set of rhymes on "Someone To Love" are as potent as Kendrick Lamar's or Pusha T's but with a more aggressive flow and build up laid over a fiery reggae sampled beat made by Chicago's own Holden "InfraRed" Mallory. The rapping display on this track alone is enough to garner praise but once joined with the music, the Audio Apes create another head nodding record. The lyrics express the deep and dark desperation that many in Chicago face on a daily basis. with the gritty music video to reflect this. K. Cartoon and Rx Phonics have an out of body experience taking on the roles of a breed that this harsh city has created and in the wake of the Laquan McDonald shooting and the scrutiny of Chicago's Mayor in the headlines there has perhaps never been a more suitable time for a song such as "Someone To Love" to further highlight this city on fire.