NEW MUSIC: Z-Verse - World So Bad (@AlvinElmore)

Z-Verse is releasing a new video before he hits the road with Lupe Fiasco for his "Tour For The Fans" run. There's so much going on in the world today and Z-Verse's new video "World So Bad" is a great depiction on how life can throw its curve balls. With a bit of acting in the video, Z-Verse demonstrates how a hardworking man can't catch a break. In the catchy hook, he describes how hard it is to do good in a world that has so many challenges. The kid that depicts Verse as a child does great with showing the struggles of a young man starving & getting bullied in his early years. Directed by @AlvinElmore (Dark Mirror Films), this video shares a great message and can relate to anyone in everyday life. @VersatileFB @AlvinElmore (Director) View video below: