MIXTAPE REVIEW: Mike James - Lucy

On their new mixtape "Lucy", Mike James and producer DJP, have something for everybody! "Lucy" covers alot of ground. On the new project you can tell Mike gives his all and shows who he really is in a very entertaining way. Since his flow is always fun, as he effortlessly flips back and forth from style to style, "Lucy" is very well written and each song comes off feeling very unique. Download and enjoy!!!

MORE INFO:  "Mike James is a 21 year old rapper from Boston. His latest mixtape "Lucy" was released 1/1/2016. It is produced by DJP."

"Like Mick J" - Ill intro song that unveils his human side.

"Ughh" - Crazy dance song lol!

"Cashius Clay" - Extra turntup motivational song.

"I'm Askin' What's Her Name" - Highly entertaining love song.

"For the Love" - An Anthem for everything that he loves.

"Eat ya Fingas" - Throw your hands up for the Hippy.

"Realest One" - Layed back and just chillin with the crew.

"It's Just Another Dolla" - Discover the true reason he raps.

"Strippah Lady" - Funny story about the night he met a stripper lol.

"Lucy" - Just another day in Boston, MA.

"Up" - Studio life!

"Charlamagne" - Dope uptempo with a nice message.

"You're Welcome to Paradise" - Crazy flow on a party track!!!

"Not Even A Classic" - Mike has a convo with you over a soulful DJP beat.