ALBUM REVIEW: Stori Brooks - Everything Is Fine

Hiphop singer releases her complete project "Everything Is Fine". 7 creative tracks to vibe and groove to. Her style is unique with the way she pivots from harmonizing to rap! My favs are single "Twin Peaks" and "Something". Enjoy the dope tunes and follow her movement!!! @7thStori

"EVERYTHING IS FINE is a dope project full of great vibes with Brooks using clever wordplay over lush harmonies. Along with adding a bit of trumpet and guitar work herself, she enlists production from some of her favorite producers such as Ohini Jonez, Luke Bonds and Ron Shirley II along with well-known artists such as Syd the Kyd and Fela Kuti to cover topics from love, ambition and getting over the everyday hangups while continuing to repeat her mantra “Everything is Fine” throughout. Get ready to zone out and feel at least a little better about everything we all have to deal with by her 7th and final track, and be sure to stay tuned for much more music from Stori in the very near future!"