MUSIC REVIEW: Khori ⁴ Returns with "Est. 90"

Khori ⁴ Returns with "Est. 90"

St. Louis-born, Chicago-based artist Khori⁴ is back after a brief hiatus with his new single "Est.90". Coming off his critically acclaimed Paradox EP, Khori is one of the most talented artists in the Midwest and is setting the stage for a massive 2016 ahead.

As Khori states, "Est. 90 is a story of me my girl against the world. We're on a mission to live life to the fullest not letting anyone get in our way. Set in the spirit and mentality of the 90s and a hook singing 'So long I'm so gone spelling how off into our own world we are. Hop on this boat we can float to forever-land, and never land'".

In 2016, Khori will be releasing "40 Acres", dropping a few mixtapes (For My Day 1's), more music videos, many more shows/tours and just taking it to the next level.