Miss Chiff is "Happy As You Wanna Be" in Latest Visual (Trap Queen Parody)

Miss Chiff is "Happy As You Wanna Be" in Latest Visual (Trap Queen Parody)


Chicago-based hip hop songstress Miss Chiff is making a statement with her latest visual, "Happy As You Wanna Be". Miss Chiff is bringing a new sound to the Chicago music scene, as she blends her two true passions - Musical Theater and hip hop. In her latest release, she teams up with rising Hip Hop/Pop sensation Sir the Baptist and his ChuchPeople movement to take on a parody of Fetty Wap's hit single, "Trap Queen".

As Miss Chiff states, "My collaboration with Sir The Baptist happened organically. We shared similar opinions on cultural appropriation as an issue needing to be addressed and gave it a comedic, yet socially conscious twist. Happy As You Wanna Be is story about a young girl who's only exposure to hip hop culture stems entirely from what she's watched on TV. She has zero knowledge of what it really means to be a 'Trap Queen' and chooses to glorify an aspect of the culture that objectifies women. Unbeknownst to her, the choices she makes to dress and act in a way that is common to black culture, is an example of cultural appropriation." Not many artists have the ability to team up, coming from very different backgrounds, to tackle these issues while still making an incredible record that is enjoyable to listen too.

She goes on to say, "In search of Hip Hop Mansions, bling, and tricked-out rims, the girl moves herself to the hood only later to find out that it isn't the paradise she had hoped for. Sir the Baptist speaks from the black perspective and makes it clear that the rappers who advertise their money and possessions in music videos haven't actually lived in the hood in quite some time. He speaks about the turbulence and violence that takes place in impoverished neighborhoods and tells the girl that she doesn't know what she's getting herself into. Sir refers to the girl as a culture vulture; making it clear that the dominant race has a tendency to take what is precious to a less dominant culture and glorify it in a way that communicates false understanding of it's roots and meaning. It's clear that the young girl does not understand the negative impact cultural appropriation can have; this song communicates a message that is current and rarely talked about in what has turned into a racially tense society".

Check out "Happy As You Wanna Be" below and be sure to catch Miss Chiff on December 23rd at Reggies as a part of On The Grind Management's "Give Back Chicago" Toy & Food Drive Charity Concert alongside Sir the Baptist, Logan, Toni Romiti & more.

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