[WORLD PREMIERE] T RONE - 100 ft. NEPHEW and LIL DUVY Bonus Clip |@T_RoneMusic

Here's an “EXCLUSIVE” double dose of YMCMB’s recording artist, T. RONE music. The new singles – (They Don’t Keep It) 100 ft. NEPHEW and LIL DUVY and Drugs and Waffles ft PT are from a forthcoming “Untitled” album. Both tracks were produced by Floridian producer, Big Hack.

According to T. Rone, the song (They don’t keep it) 100 is directed to all the people who claim to “keep it 100”, but they really don’t know how. These type of people really don’t know how hard it is to keep from hurting their fake asses. The other song, “Drugs and Waffles” is the result of not keeping it 100. Be sure to leave a comment and like the video.