Black Ink Crew Season 3 Ep. 10: Quani Turns It Up"

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This week on "Black Ink Crew" Quani made something out of nothing after Joe and Ceasar stopped by their looking for Puma. The paternity of Achilles resurfaced but Kathy wasn't going away until she found out the truth. 

Sky let the cameras get an inside view on what it's like to be in prison, outside in the hot sun. She became a positive motivator to some of her cellys. She may have a soft heart but she knows how to get tough real quick.

Oh S**t was trying to make some money so he had an art sale. Walt, Ceasar and Dutchess contributed some paintings to support him. Oh S**t was happy when he learned he didn't have to go to jail for those gun charges. Instead the judge gave him five years probation. 

Well, probation is better than going to jail. Let's just hope Oh S**t learned his lesson and tries to be a better man so he can be a better father!

Puma who was suppose to be doing a photo shoot with the workers of Black Ink didn't show up. Joe doesn't like nobody messing with his money so he and Ceasar went to Puma's place of residence. When they rang the bell and asked for Puma, Quani told them he wasn't home. She went from 0 to 100 real quick assuming that they were there to cause trouble.

As a result Quani attempted to go into Black Ink shop and confront Ceasar but she wasn't able to go inside thanks to the producers.

Next week things are going to get real heavy and heated between Quani and Puma vs Dutchess and Ceasar!

Tune in to "Black Ink Crew" Monday's on VH1!
Tamara M. Anderson