The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2: Johnny & Nany Returns"

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This week on "Battle of the Exes" the remaining teams were in for a big surprise. They had no idea that those teams who were eliminated were actually sent to exile. Each team will compete against another team and whomever wins stays and the other team goes home.

Nany and Johnny Bananas beat four teams in exile and their final team to beat was Zach and Jonna. Once again Zach and Jonna had an opportunity to get back into the game but they just couldn't pull it off. As usual instead of taking responsibility for his part Zach blames Jonna.

Although Jordan and Bananas aren't the best of friends they had one thing in common which was their hatred for sly Wes.

Wes tried to get Jordan to give in to his demands but Jordan wasn't going for it so Wes tried to turn everyone against him starting with his partner, Teresa. Snaky Wes ways eventually caught up with him when he and Teresa were automatically going into elimination.

Wes the least to see Bananas come back and none of the girls wanted to see Nany who is a strong competitor return.

Joining Wes and Teresa in elimination was Leroy and Nia and they were pissed. Nia let her emotions get the best of her causing her to lash out at everyone, especially Nany.

Jordan and Sarah made a unexpected move when they put in Nia and Leroy especially since it was assumed that Jenna and Jay would be going in. They rookies got off this time around. He bragged about he and his partner skating by but not for long. He might want to keep his fingers crossed and pray that Wes don't come back because he's gunning for them.

Then again he might just put in Jordan and Sarah because they are much stronger competitors than Jay and Jenna.

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Tamara M. Anderson