Texas 4-Year-Old Dies After Shooting Himself With Loaded Gun

Photo by Google Images

Shortly after it was reported that a toddler shot himself in the neck, just a couple days later another toddler died in Texas after he got a hold to a gun and shot himself. 

According to NewsOne,  In Harris County a 4-year-old named Codrick McCall Jr., shot himself in the head with a loaded gun that was found at the baby sitter's house. He was reportedly staying with a longtime friend of the victim’s mother, who left him there overnight to celebrate her birthday. Investigators have not confirmed where the gun came from or if anybody was with the boy when he found the gun, but at some point the child shot himself with the firearm.

The unidentified woman who taking care of the child was taken to the hospital after she collapsed multiple times.

According to reports, there were three people at the scene of the crime. Two of them were taken outside with brown paper bags on their hands.

There's no word on where the gun came from and no charges have been made.
Tamara M. Anderson