Terrence Howard's Request To Use N-Word In "Empire" Denied

Photo by Google Images

The new drama series "Empire" has become the most successful show on Fox network due to it's high ratings. Every week the numbers rise but the numbers doesn't seem to be enough for one of the main co-stars Terrence Howard.

Howard who plays Lucious Lyons feels the show needs some street cred and to do that he wants to use the N-word.

According to Eurweb.com, the director of the hit series Lee Daniels said that word would not be in the show because all it does is bring a lot negativity and aggravation that’s just not needed.

With all the controversy surrounding the N-word that might not be such a good idea. Yes, black people use the word but not all black people do. Some find the word offensive and degrading while others look at the word as a casual expressive term.

What do you think? Should the N-word be used in "Empire"?
Tamara M. Anderson