Teen Mom OG Season Premiere

Photo by Google Images

On the premiere of "Teen Mom OG" three of the original moms who are now ages 23 and 24 has returned with their children who are now ages 5.

Last time we saw Maci she was with Kyle. Well, now Kyle is out and Taylor is in. Maci is back in school majoring in communications while taking care of Bentley who is a handful. Unfortunately, she and Ryan still don't get along.

After spending 18 months in jail Amber is free and residing in her new home. Although she doesn't have custody of Leah, she gets to spend time with her. She and Gary are not together but that doesn't mean they won't be. Leah is so smart and independent. She loves talking into the camera and spending time with her mother.

Catelynn and Tyler who are engaged are also expecting baby number two, only this time they will be keeping their child. Tyler told his mother he and Catelynn is expecting a new child but she wasn't as enthused as Catelynn's mom.

Farrah who was rejected by Maci, Catelynn and Amber due to her adult film and sex tape. She didn't appear on the premiere but she will be on the show soon!

Tune in to "Teen Mom OG" Mondays on MTV!
Tamara M. Anderson