Scarface Gives Details On Upcoming Album

Photo by Google Images

Rapper Scarface who released his 11th studio album "Emeritus" in 2008 is preparing to drop his 12th studio album "Deeply Rooted".

In a webseries called "Road To Deeply Rooted" the Houston rapper and front man of the rap group Geto Boys gives details on his upcoming album, his insight on the rap game, as well as, the meaning behind his latest tattoo.

Scarface said the album "Deeply Rooted" will focus on life, the good time and the bad times.

“It talks about my life,” Scarface said while speaking on his album. “It talks about the good times, the bad times," Scarface said in the video.

In regards to the rap game he said it remains the same.

"The game the same. It don’t switch. The same rules apply in this game as it did in the other games that we played. You play that m***af***a, you win it, and then you get out the way,” he added.

The 44-year-old lyricist also gave details on his latest tattoo that he calls "American Justice".

“It’s called ‘American Justice,’” he said. “You got your Klansman. You got your gavel. You got your United States flag. You got your fists with the shackles on it. You got your chains. And then you got the poor, little black youngster hanging. And that my friends is American justice.”

Be on the lookout for Scarface's upcoming album which no release date will be set. Scarface said the new album will be dropped but it will be a surprise!
Tamara M. Anderson