Real World Skeletons Finale: "Group Therapy"

Photo by Google Images

On the finale of "Real World Skeletons" the last skeleton showed up. Jason and Nicole's friendship took a turn for the worse. Tony apologized to Sylvia and he and Madison made their relationship official.

Continuing where things left off from last week's episode. Jason was furious at Nicole for giving Tony a slap on the wrist for stealing a $20 bottle of alcohol. He allowed his anger get the best of him and he laid hands on Nicole which costed him his friendship. 

After Jason's mad outrage the final skeleton arrived. It was a man named Lafayette who just so happened to be Jason's father. Jason had no idea who he was. When he introduced himself he asked his father where had he been all his life. Lafayette tells Jason his side of the story and the two got acquainted. Jason admitted he was mad at his father but he also forgave him.

Based on Jason's actions towards Nicole the producers called a group therapy session which Bruno and Nicole declined to be apart of. Jason expressed his anger and how sorry he was for hurting Nicole. After meeting with his father he learned where some of his anger stemmed from. Later on he met up with his father again with hopes of them starting over and moving forward.

The group went out one last time while Bruno decided to stay home to spend some alone time with Carla. Bruno was also the first one to go home. He said good-bye to Nicole but he ignored the rest of the group. 

During the reunion Bruno can relate to his cast mates why he left without saying good-bye to the ones he lived in the house with, verses someone he met outside the house.
Tamara M. Anderson