"Mob Wives" Season 5, Reunion: "Nat G vs Nat G"

Photo by Google Images

On the finale of "Mob Wives" things left off with Natalie G leaving Renee's party with an entourage. Showing up to Renee's party was a dead give away.

On the reunion Natalie was called out on being a rat after Nat D revealed ratty Natty on video. Natalie refused to properly address the issue. Instead she got diarrhea at the mouth and threw jabs at Nat D. No matter how much she tried to justify what she did, to these women, a rat is a rat!

Drita and Big Ang had no remorse for Natalie when Nat D physically attacked her. "If you can dish it, you can take it" and in this case Natalie couldn't take it.

She walked off the stage and threatened to leave but Drita convinced her to come back and face the music. After another episode of verbal attacks towards Nat D from Natalie she came at her again and this time Natalie left for good.

Will Natalie be back for season 6 of "Mob Wives"? If she does, who's going to be her friend? 
Tamara M. Anderson