Mob Wives Season 5 Finale: "Natalie Exposed"

Photo by Google Images

On the finale of "Mob Wives" season 5 Drita was dealing with the aftermath of finding out the truth about Natalie G. Renee threw a party and invited all the ladies including both Natalie's.

Natalie knew her true identity was exposed and she came to Renee's party prepared. Usually Natalie would be happy to see the girls. She would run up to them and hug them and laugh and mingle with them. All of a sudden she and her fiancee walked in and sat down without even saying hello.

On top of that there was a table full of people that Renee nor her crew ever saw before. Come to find out they were with Natalie G. She brought an entourage which was a dead give away. When thing got heated and Natalie D was about to expose her being a rat to everyone Natalie G made a silent exit.

Nat D ran outside and called Nat G out and she kept on walking. 

Wow! With the kind of mouth Nat G has and the fight she had with Renee one would have never thought she would run away from a fight.

Well, one thing is for sure, Nat G might not want to show her face again because she has several targets on her back!
Tamara M. Anderson