"Mary Mary" Season 4, Episode 1: "Mitch Returns"

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On the premiere of "Mary Mary" the sister's former manager Mitch returned for reconciliation but Erica is having a hard time forgiving Mitch. Surprisingly, Tina who had the most run-ins with Mitch had a change of heart.

Warren wasn't too happy when he found out Mitch popped up at his home. He threatened to hurt the manager if he sees him. 

Mitch better watch his back because Warren is like a gorilla in the mist. He ain't playing!

Teddy re-proposed to Tina hoping they can start over after his multiple episodes of infidelity. Tina also made and announcement that could damage her relationship with Warren and his label My Block Records. She revealed she is coming out with a book as well as a solo project. 

Erica was having major problems before her performance. She needed her husband but he was in a meeting in reference to Tina. Tina and Teddy were on their way on a dinner date when Erica called hoping her sister would help but she wasn't available either. At the end of the day things worked out for the best.

However, Goo Goo made a very good point when she said Erica needed a manager. To keep things at a budget Erica prefers doing things on her own and work with as less people as she can. Should she rethink rehiring Mitch? If she does she better keep it from Warren or she won't have a manager!

Does that mean Mary Mary are over? With both Tina and Erica working on their solo careers many fans are wondering if they will perform together again. Let's just hope neither one of them gets pregnant again!

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Tamara M. Anderson