"Mary Mary" Season 4, Ep.3: Tina & Teddy Renew Their Vows"

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This week on "Mary Mary" Teddy and Tina renewed their vows and guess who was invited to the wedding? 

Erica almost didn't show up to see her sister walk down the aisle again but she made a sacrifice and showed her support. It's unfortunate that she couldn't enjoy the day thanks to her former manager, Mitch.

Mitch who was once closer to Erica and not so close to Tina tried to get Erica to be competitive with her sister. He also led Erica to believe he would be managing Tina's solo career. Mitch was being very shady at Tina's wedding. He had no good intentions.
It's a good thing Tina forgave Mitch but he showed no respect for Erica or Warren. 

Overall, the wedding was beautiful. Warren sang one of his songs called "Marry Me" and Tina sang one of her songs. 

On the next episode of the drama series Goo Goo looks like she's going to approach Mitch. Erica finds out some shocking news that she doesn't want to convey to Erica.

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Tamara M. Anderson