Love & Hip Hop New York Season 5 Ep. 14: "Break-Ups & Let Downs"

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On this week's episode of "Love & Hip Hop New York" Cisco expressed his feelings for Cyn and Rich Dollaz reached his breaking point with Jhonni Blaze. Peter Gunz attempts to get Amina back and Chrissy and Chinx have another disagreement.

From the first time Cyn was introduced to Cisco he had a thing for her. After bringing her flowers before her performance to the song he produced he decided to tell Cyn how he felt. Unfortunately, Cyn let Cisco know that she didn't feel the same way about him. She didn't want to mix business with pleasure. On the flip side Cyn's ex came back into her life and that's who she's focused on.

Peter invited Erica to the jewelry store to help him find a ring for Amina. He wants to get Amina back at all costs with Erica's help. Erica hinted around when she told Amina about Peter's plans but will Amina take Peter back?

If Amina takes him back she won't be able to focus on her music career as she promised her ex and former manager. Hopefully she does the right thing and focus on her child by putting her first.

Chrissy stopped by the studio to tell Chinx she found another apartment. Her plans were to move in with Chinx but he wasn't having it. Chrissy feels Chinx is still living with his ex-wife and she could be right. It's hard for Chrissy to accept she's just the chick on the side and until he gets a divorce that's all she will ever be.

Last but not least, Rich Dollaz learned the hard way about mixing business with pleasure. Jhonni who has had a fight with Precious and Diamond made the wrong move when she vented on Twitter. Rich's mother who is also his business manager addressed Jhonni. She took the conversation to a personal level and started crying. Rich's mother showed no sympathy and advised her to talk to Rich.

Rich met up with Jhonni but things went sour just as quick as she got there. She went ballistic on Rich Dollaz and in return he let her go!

What does that mean for Jhonni Blaze now? If her music career doesn't take off she still has her sex tape out, not to mention her career as a exotic dancer.

Tune in to the finale of "Love & Hip Hop New York" next Monday on VH1.
Tamara M. Anderson