Love & Hip Hop New York Season 5, Ep. 12: "Mind Your Manners"

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This week on "Love & Hip Hop New York" Rich was in for a rude awakening after he gave in to Diamond's temptations in the quickie spot aka the bathroom. Cisco warned him of her craziness and it all came out at Rashida Ali's event. 

Diamond made it clear that Rich was hers and if anyone stepped in between them that she was going to "F**k them up". She told Rashida that she and Rich were dating and she told Cyn he was her boo. Rich was just as surprised as they were. Maybe next time Rich will think twice when it comes to smashing the homies ex.

Mendeecees and Yandy made up after he apologized for lying to Yandy about Amir being in the hospital. Pregnant and all Yandy when it comes to Mendeecees Yandy don't play. She reached her breaking point with Remy, Mendeecees assistant and fired her. Although Remy tried to put up a fight Yandy's friend, Kimbella was there to take care of her light weight.

Meanwhile at Tara's etiquette party Jhonni, one of Rich's artist and also his ex were invited guest but noone knows if Diamond was invited. Even if she wasn't she showed up and showed out to end up getting knocked down. When she walked into the place she immediately walked up to Rich inquiring about who Jhonni was. At that point she was ready to go through with what she told Cyn previously. Clearly, Jhonni wasn't the one to mess with because she popped off on Diamond with no hesitation. Was her actions justified? 

Cisco was right about Diamond. The girl is crazy! Anytime you start claiming someone after a sex fling your mind is not in the right place!

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Tamara M. Anderson