Keyshia Cole All In; Season 1, Ep. 3: "Sisters Reunited"

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This week on "Keyshia Cole: All In" Keyshia and Neffe tried to make amends for the second time this season. 

Frankie and Keyshia both made promises to each other saying if Keyshia talks to Neffe, Frankie will talk to Elite.

When Keyshia and Neffe first met Frankie was referring and nothing got resolved. Neffe was trying to understand why her sister was mad at her. Keyshia was still holding on a grudge towards her sister for not attendng her wedding. Neffe conveyed to Keyshia that she has five children and it's impossible for her to make arrangements so last minute. Keyshia accused Neffe of talking about her of Twitter which Neffe denied.

After Keyshia and Neffe tried to mend their fences, Frankie and Elite tried to work on their differences. Frankie explained she was mad at Elite for calling her out her name and disrespecting her. Elite's issue with Frankie is much deeper. She feels Frankie doesn't accept responsibility for not being a mother to her. Keyshia Cole calmed her sister down hoping she can at least try to work things out with Frankie.

Frankie wants to turn over a new leaf and she needs her children support. The question is, will she stay in the program? Will she be committed to getting the help she needs so she can be a better mother?

Keyshia and Neffe decided to meet up again. This time they met up without Frankie being present. Finally, the two came to some kind of common ground to at least try and work on their relationship.

Let's just hope it last!

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Tamara M. Anderson