Jermaine Dupri Accuses Ciara Of Copying Usher's "U Got It Bad"

Photo by Google Images

Last week producer Pharrell Williams and singer Robin Thicke were found guilty of plagiarizing the Marvin Gaye's hit "Got To Give It Up" and ordered to pay the late singer's family over $7 million.

In a recent interview Atlanta producer Jermaine Dupri gave his views on the verdict saying younger producers like himself and Pharrell, make records that are influenced by other records that are out there. He also said he thinks Ciara ripped off Usher's 2001 single "U Got It Bad".

"I believe the same thing has happened to me." Dupri thinks Ciara's latest single, "I Bet", is dangerously similar to Usher's "U Got It Bad", which Dupri produced in 2001," he added.

Dupri said he plans to contact Ciara to make sure she gives credit where it's due.

Do you think Ciara's "I Bet" is similar to Usher's "U Got It Bad?"
Tamara M. Anderson