EP REVIEW: BK Bambino x D Phelps - The Trailer EP


Hot off the presses...

BK Bambino and D Phelps drop their brand new EP, The Trailer, via SoundCloud and Spotify. BK raps with infectious energy and ample technique—as solid bedrock as any for an aspiring rapper.

The new EP The Trailer doesn’t necessarily feel like a window into Bambino’s mind so much as a concise sampling of the pillars that should serve him well as he progresses—charisma, a flow that verges on virtuosic at times but never overwhelms by packing words too densely, and a unique ear for production. Aptly titled, it’s a preview of things to come rather than a fully formed statement.

Listen to the whole EP below, but be sure to check out “The Sheriff” (and watch its entertaining video), the strongest sampling yet of Bambino’s style, subtle humor, and attitude. Watch "The Sheriff" video by CLICKING HERE!!