"Empire" Season 1, Episode 8: "Unto The Breach"

Photo by Google Images

The television drama series "Empire" has the become the top rating show on Fox network and it's getting juicier and juicier by the week.

This week on the hit show Anika got busted and called out by Cookie. She made a bold move and went to Lucious Lyon's enemy, Billy Baretti, CEO of Creedmoor Entertainment.

The war was on between Creedmoor and Empire Records. Lyons was determined to get Tatiana on board. Hakeem worked with his mother Cookie to get Tatiana to sign to Empire. Tatiana agreed only if she could be with Hakeem but he told her his heart was with Camilla, played by Naomi Campbell!

In the midst of all things while Jamal, Hakeem and Lucious and Tatiana were celebrating in harmony, Andre was spiraling out of control. His out of control behavior caused him to be subdued and taken out on a stretcher.

With only three episodes left things are heating up on "Empire". Tune in to the show Wednesday's on Fox!
Tamara M. Anderson