"Empire" Finale: "Lucious Gets Arrested"

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Fox hit show "Empire" has finally come to an end. On the finale of the drama series Lucious turn over Empire Records to Jamal. Hakeem pulled a shocking and bold move while Andre tried to find himself. Cookie got fired and then rehired. Rhonda reveals she's pregnant after killing Vernon. Snoop Dogg also made a guest appearance of the show.

Things definitely got hot and heavy on the final episode of "Empire" season one. All of a sudden Lucious made a remarkable recovery. He said he was no longer on the verge of dying any time soon. Shortly after Lucious handed over the company to his son Jamal he delivered Cookie her walking papers. Lucious found out she tried to kill him only after he admitted to killing Bunkie.

Karma came Lucious way when it was revealed that Hakeem was sleeping with his father's ex, Anika. Hakeem wants to run Empire Records and will do what it takes to take over at all costs, even if it means teaming up with his mother, Cookie. But one must not forget Lucious slept with Jamal's ex-girlfriend and got her pregnant. 

After firing Cookie for having a secret fling with Malcolm, Lucious hired her back at Jamal's request. Little did he know his other two sons, his close friend and right hand man, Vernon and ex-wife was deceiving him behind his back by trying to take over Empire Records.

Vernon didn't get a chance to continue his mission of betrayal because Rhonda killed him after he and Andre got into a fight. The pot can't call the kettle black when it's whistling the same song. Dre allowed his wife to talk him into covering up a murder. Guess he's no better than his father!

At the end of it all, just when it was almost time for Lucious to perform, he was surprisingly arrested. Cookie had no idea what she had gotten herself into and now Lucious knows it was her who set him up.

"Empire" is the number one show on Fox Network. It continued to sky rocket in ratings week after week. The show has already been approved for season two.

What's going to happen next? Will Hakeem and Dre take Empire Records from their brother Jamal? Will Lucious stay in jail or will he be released now that Vernon is dead? What will Cookie do now?
Tamara M. Anderson