Breaking News: Grandmother Charged After Cutting Infant Throat With A Saw

Photo By New York Daily News

Sadly, a 7-month-old girl named Rose Herrera was found dead by the Chicago Police in Little Village Monday morning.

According to ABC7 news, the police reports that the infant's throat was cut with a circular power saw all because she wouldn't stop crying.

Chicago police responded to the home in the 2800-block of S. Avers shortly before 10 a.m. They spent several hours on the scene collecting evidence. Neighbors say a couple lived there with two grown daughters, each of whom had a young child. 

"The daughter with the baby just graduated from college to be a teacher," said a woman who has known the family for years. "They're good people

Charges are currently pending against the baby girl's 52-year-old grandmother who is in custody at Mt. Sinai Hospital after she reportedly tried to kill herself.

This is such a travesty! Our heart  and prayers go out to the young girls family!

Tamara M. Anderson