Black Ink Crew Season 3 Ep. 9: "Avoiding Temptation"

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This week on "Black Ink Crew" O S**t came home from rehab ready to work. Dutchess, Ceasar and Teddy went to Arizona to check on the status for Sky. Sassy's mother and Didi got into a heated argument over Sassy. Puma, Ceasar and his business partner met up to discuss expanding their business.

It's a party, it's a party, it's a party! O S**t celebrated his return home at a gathering at Black Ink. Of course, there was alcohol but Mr. baby maker was on his best behavior. One girl in particular was trying to get O S**t to drink but he declined the peer pressure and temptation.

Sky being locked up really made Teddy feel some type of way. He even said if he could do her time for her he would. When bad things happen sometimes it brings others closer like Ted and Dutchess who finally made amends.

O S**t was happy to be out of rehab and had his first client who happened to be an old friend of his. Any female friend of his turns out to be a baby momma. Let's just hope that is not the case.

Meanwhile Ceasar met up with Puma and his business partner hoping to merge together and take over New York. Things didn't go as planned thanks to Puma who threatened to sue Ceasar following the throwdown he gave him. 

Obviously, Puma wasn't in his right mind. He wasn't thinking clearly. Humans don't act that way!

Sassy invited her mother to her photo shoot. She also invited her new girlfriend Didi. Sassy's mother was not happy to see Didi. They shared words outside and things went left from there causing Sassy to get involved. When it comes down to mother and girlfriend, mother always win!

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Tamara M. Anderson