Black Ink Crew Season 3, Ep. 8: "Sky Goes To Jail"

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This week on "Black Ink Crew" Oh S**t sent Donna packing after she got into a fight with his fiancee and baby mother Anya. While he's away in rehab Ceasar hired a guest tattoo artist to fill in for Oh S**t.

Sassy introduced her new boo Didi who resembles Amber Rose to the crew at Ink 24. She talked about her struggles coming out as a lesbian and being accepted.

Teddy and Ceasar worked out their differences after Sky worked things out with her friend. But things all went down hill when Ceasar, Ted and Dutchess found out Sky was locked up in jail.

Sky's past caught up with her and landed her some time behind bars. She won't be able to get out for a couple months which is way better than a couple years.

Ted, Ceasar and Dutchess went down to Arizona to put some money on Sky's books. Ted sold two pair of his expensive shoes to accomplish that goal. 

Wow! Teddy must have some mad love for Sky, more love than her boo Bobby.

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Tamara M. Anderson