Love & HIp Hop New York Season 5: "Diamond Tries To Get Cisco Back"

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On the 10th episode of 'Love & Hip Hop New York' Diamond met with Rich with hopes of getting her boyfriend Cisco back. She gave him a five-page letter to give to Cisco but Cisco didn't want nothing to do with her. However, that's not stopping Rich from getting close to her. Not to mention having quickies with Johnni in a public restroom.

Mendeecees and Yandy's marriage is going to end before it even gets started. Yandy met up with Mendeecees assistant who happened to be a super fan of Yandy's. She wants to be like her from the way she dress down to the shoes she wears to the same hair style.

Mendeecees went all out to get Yandy's attention but she didn't find him lying about their son going to the emergency room a joke. Mendeecees said he only lied because Yandy didn't answer her phone. To make matters worse Mendeecees assistant tried to come to his defense and almost ended up in the hospital.

Meanwhile Erica told her son and her mother about her engagement to Bow Wow. Erica claims to be happy this time around but only time will tell. She went from Rich to Cyn back to Rich and Cyn and now she's in love. Will Bow Wow and Erica get married or will they be engaged for as long as Jim Jones and Chrissy?

Speaking of Chrissy, the one who is dating music producer Chinx, took a barely nude photo shoot that her boo wasn't too fond of. Chrissy doesn't consider her photos inappropriate. Chinx calls is trashy but she calls it art. Besides what difference does it make? His family doesn' t like her anyway?

Lastly, Peter Gunz threatened to leave Amina after she told Tara about his cheating ways while he was with her. Peter denied it at first but the bottom line was he felt Amina should not have said anything at all. 

At any rate for some reason she met up with Tara again to find out what was said. Tara made it clear that she will always be in Peter's life and she can have sex with him whenever she wants. That was Amina's cue to take her baby and go to Germany. Will she stay in Germany or will Peter convince her to come back?

Let's be real Peter wants to have his cake and eat it too. For him to say he can't tell Tara that's it's no longer he and her, it's him and Amina speaks volumes. Amina should concentrate on her child and not allow Peter's game stop her finding true love.

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Tamara M. Anderson