50 Cent Compares 'Empire' To 'Glee'

Photo by Google Images

50 Cent has never bit his tongue and he's not about to start now!

Recently, the rapper/actor gave his opinion about Fox new hit drama series 'Empire' in a new interview with MTV. During the interview 50 said the show reminded him of the comedy drama series 'Glee'.

“It’s like Glee,” said 50 with a smirk. "It’s like Glee with a little Hip Hop music in it,” 50 said.

The 'Power' producer also said he thinks the show is moving too fast and he doesn't know what's going on because of it.

“I was like, ‘Damn. What happened? What happened to the rest of the story?’” He said regarding Cookie. "I don’t know what’s going on. It started moving real fast.” 

Despite the head of G-Unit's criticism he did give the show it's props by saying he thinks it's good and he's happy for their success.
Tamara M. Anderson