VIDEO REVIEW: "Musical Bliss" King Shakesfear

CHI- Rapper King Shakesfear releases new video visual to the single "Musical Bliss". Now this is what you call "feel good" music. It's the perfect club banger added to the list of hits this Summer. 

If you are looking for a groovy song to jam to while you are in the crib chilling under the AC this video is for you!

In the video King is shown rapping his floetic verses in different settings. The visuals go back and forth so you can capture little pieces of each scene. There are also words like repent, remedy, super nova, manifest and spirit. You will also see phrases like "Clean Money Anticop and "Go Get It".

This video is less than 1:30 but it's enough to make you want more!

Follow the Chicago artist on Twitter @kingshakesfear
Tamara M. Anderson