"The Best Man Wedding" Coming To Theaters In Spring 2016

Photo by Google Images

Last year on November 15, 2014 "The Best Man Holiday" hit theaters and millions of fans were excited to see the sequel return. The comedy/drama film came in at number two at the box office earning nearly 31 million in it's first week of release.

Based on the success of the last film the cast will be prepping for another sequel to the "Best Man" series titled "The Best Man Wedding", according to Universal Studios.

"The Best Man" was released in 1999! Fourteen years later came "The Best Man Holiday" and now not even three years later will come "The Best Man Wedding".

In the film "The Best Man Holiday" things left off with Terrence Howard announcing he was getting married. Who's the lucky girl? Could it be Shelby? Probably not! Being that she is the one many would suspect Malcolm wouldn't dare make it that easy.

Maybe Jordan and Harper will finally hook up! What about Lance? What is he going to do now that Mia is gone? He's going to need a woman to help take care of him and his children. 

"The Best Man Wedding" is set to hit theaters on April 15, 2016! Will you be going to see the movie?
Tamara M. Anderson