Starz- "Power" Season Two Preview: What Will Ghost Do Now?

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On the finale of "Power" season one things left off with viewers in suspense. Kanan played by 50 Cent was released from jail and picked up by his son. Ghost played by Omari Hardwick dodged a bullet with Holly taking his place. While Tommy was on a mission to kill Nomar, Angela's cover was blown.

Now that "Power" has been renewed for season two what's going to happen next? What will Ghost do now that his so-called friend is really not his friend? His own brother is out to get him and all he has left is Angela, maybe! Tommy might be successful getting rid of her for good now that he knows who she really is. Holly is not dead? And what is she hiding? Holly could be an undercover cop. If she is-she's good at it! 

Will Tasha leave Ghost before he comes running back to her? If Tommy is successful at killing Angela Ghost will have no choice but to go back to who's been holding him down. But of course, Angela has to stick around so she could find out who Ghost really is. 

Kanan is on a mission to get back what is rightfully his and he's willing to take his brother down at any costs. His secret hit woman is no longer a secret and we know how that story ends. Let's just say she won't see that $100,000!

Poor Shawn! He didn't even get a chance to hook up with Tasha. Maybe he will get lucky on the upcoming season when she's more vulnerable!

"Power" will return next year so Stay Tuned! In the meantime you can catch up on all the episodes of season one on Starz. Check your local listings!
Tamara M. Anderson