Lil Kim Releases "Hard Core 2k13"

Photo by Google Images

Previously, female emcee Lil Kim gave birth to her first child. No sooner than she returned home did she also return to the studio where she released a couple Nicki Minaj diss tracks.

While many have been waiting for the release of the Brooklyn rapper's mixtape "Hard Core 2k13: Back To The Streets" the official date has finally been released.

According to the latest hip hop news reports, Kim upcoming album will be released in September of this year. At first it was announced that the album was being released in October and then in November.

Kim's last mixtape "Black Friday" was released in 2011. Unfortunately, that album wouldn't be considered one of Kim's greatest projects. Could her upcoming mixtape album put her back on the charts? Let's just hope the "Put Your Lighter's Up" rapper is focusing on other things and  it's not all about Nicki Minaj. She has her own album and that's enough by itself!

Be on the look out for Lil Kim's "Hard Core 2k13: Back To The Streets" on September 11th!
Tamara M. Anderson