Join the ChiBangerz Team

One of the Midwest's most visited websites, ChiBangerz is willing to give a limited few local artists a BIG chance become a bonafided tastemaker in the Chicago hiphop industry. ChiBangerz is making an expansion which leaves openings to align with our movement.

The Perks:
-partner of a top Midwest Hiphop Blog
-become a mover and shaker in Chicago music scene
-gain easy exposure
-build buzz for your own music
-post your own music
-post whoever you think is hot
-attend exclusive events VIP
-interview celebrities
-gain social media and management knowledge
-use the ChiBangerz brand to push your music
-make $$$ commission on any ChiBangerz package you sell

-Must have a computer (work from home)
-Must write 5 music review per/wk minimum
-follow posting guidelines

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Independent rappers talk alot about nobody helps them to get exposure, but alot of them aren't willing to work for it. I have come to believe the only way an underground mc can standout from the crowd is to do something different than everyone else. This is that movement!!

These new members will become either the bloggers, music marketers, interviewers, or social media experts of the movement. The benefit is that members get to use our already established platform to promote their own individual talents and share in the exposure. All members will be considered as partners of the blog. No experience is required, but would be a plus.

Hit us here Chibangerz [at] explaining why you'd like to join the movement.