GunPlay Disses 50 Cent In "Hot N***a" Remix

Photo by Google Images

It's no secret that rapper Gunplay has beef with 50 Cent and he reminds us of it in his latest freestyle remix. Recently, Gunplay dissed 50 Cent in a remix to Bobby Shmurda's song "Hot N***a".

In the song he raps "N***a got them hunters and they coming for your neck/B***h, I'm bout a hundred. What the f**k is 50 Cent?"

Now some may say he's biting Jay-Z's line that he spit in the song "It's Hot (Some Like It Hot)" when he raps "Go against Jigga, yo' ass is dense/I'm about a dollar, what the f**k is 50 cents?"

Either way the difference between the two is Jigga was talking about money where as Gunplay was referring to the rapper/actor 50 Cent.

Did 50 respond to Gunplay? Not sure if 50 was referring to Gunplay when he said he was running out of negative energy but it's obvious that he's not entertaining the beef.

"I hate to disappoint you but I've run out of negative energy, the same effort I used to destroy, I'm using to build," 50 said in a recent interview.

50 is doing the right thing ignoring Gunplay. He's has bigger and better fish to fry. Some people just need to grow up. Obviously, rappers like Gunplay hasn't yet!
Tamara M. Anderson