ALBUM REVIEW: "The Making of a Monster" Babyface Monster

CHI- Carl "Babyface Monster" Jones releases his second album titled "The Making of a Monster" and trust and believe you won't be disappointed. It is one of the best album releases this Summer and this year by a Chicago artist. 

"The Making of a Monster" album consists of 12 tracks including two bonus tracks "Rich Daley" and "Smile". There are several hot club bangers on the album like "Howl At The Moon", "Gone", "When You See Me" featuring Bo Deal and "Holla" featuring Ro Gizz. Other artists featured on the album include Ace De Vinci, Sam Beckley, P1 and Jacque Corbet.

Most of the tracks on the album will have you on your feet or just sitting down bopping your head with play on repeat!

Babyface spits heavy hitting bars, with fun and catchy phrases over dope beats. You can't go wrong with this album. There's a couple songs like "Tonight" featuring Jacque Corbet where Babyface Monster shows his impressive side when it comes to the ladies!

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Tamara M. Anderson