Method Man & Redman Speak On New Album & How High 2

Photo by Google Images

In a recent interview with King Ov Da Hills TV rappers Method Man and Red Man talked about their upcoming album "Blackout 3" and the possibility of a sequel to "How High".

According to Meth, he's not sure when "Blackout 3" is going to be released but he is hoping it will be the top of next year or the bottom of this year. However, he did assure his fans that they can expect to usual Red and Meth.

"They can just expect more Meth and Red. You know? Red and Meth s**t. Same s**t we been doing. Smoking, drinking, stinking, the works," Meth said.

As far as the film "How High 2" Redman didn't say it was a go but he did confirm that he had a sit down with Universal in California and it went good.

"So, we hoping for good things. It's gonna be a good twist," Redman said.

For all those who liked the movie "How High" will more than likely like the sequel. It's been 13 years since the release of the first part. Let's hope the sequel makes the stoners laugh as it did the first time!
Tamara M. Anderson