Has Mase Returned To Hip Hop?

Photo by Google Images

Is rapper turned pastor Mase coming back to where he started from? According to reports, Mase is giving up his pastoral duties and is going back to rapping.

During Mase time as a minister he accumulated thousands of followers and built two churches, one in Atlanta and one in Phoenix. Unfortunately, the former Bad Boy artist and his wife has gotten a divorce and with that came the end of what he said was a calling from God!

Good for Mase! If he never wanted to be a pastor then he should not have made that move. It seems like he was only doing it to please his wife. A rapper and a preacher are two different things. There is no comparing the two!

It was in the early 90's when Mason Durell Betha aka Mase made his debut into the rap game. Back then his name was Murder Mase. After leaving the group Children of the Corn with another rapper known as Killa Cam, Mase became a Bad Boy artist.

In 1999 Mase left the hip hop game to pursue a career as a pastor. He then made a comeback in 2004. He left again and then returned in 2009. 

Now that Mase is back can he fit in with today's generation? They are not trying to hear anything pertaining to what's written in the bible. Does he have what it takes to fit in with the competition? Who would he be willing to collab with?

Are you ready for Mase?
Tamara M. Anderson